Matt Scales Music Fund

The Fund

A young boy standing on his seat at a Billy Joel concert, singing his heart out, he knew there and then that to sing and make music would be his love and life’s ambition.

Matt Scales had a huge talent for writing lyrics and songs; he had a way of making people laugh, gave his attention to all those he met and made a huge impact on the many who adored him. The talent, ambition and courage he showed, left an everlasting impression and impact on the many hundreds of people he met in his life.

What many people didn’t know was that Matt had Cystic Fibrosis and sadly Matt died in April 2007, after a three month battle with an infection caused by the disease.

For all of Matt’s traits and the impressions he made and for the many friends and fans he had, this Music Fund has been set up in his memory. This fund will provide rehearsal space and studio recording time for young bands who would otherwise struggle to fulfill their potential.